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Adult Intensive Care

Adult Intensive Care

In the Adult Intensive Care Unit of our hospital, specialist doctors, experienced and trained intensive care nurses and other auxiliary health personnel work 24 hours a day. In our facility, the latest technology product at the head of every bed; Mechanical Ventilators, patient follow-up monitors, infusion pumps and other necessary tools. Equipped with tools. It has been designed for intensive care in order to prevent the limitation of movement of our patients and to prevent the development of pressure sores; Orthopedic mattresses are used that can position the patient's body, fully comply with the contours of the patient's body, and minimize possible pressure sores.

Services Provided;

– Sudden cardiac and respiratory arrests,
– Head brain trauma,
– Spinal cord traumas
– General body traumas,
– All kinds of; patients in shock,
– Acute respiratory failures, (Lung trauma, pulmonary demia),
– Chronic respiratory failure (COPD),
– Severe metabolic disorders and Acid-Base imbalances,
– Nervous system diseases (Brain hemorrhage etc.),
– Muscle diseases (Myasthenia, ALS etc.),
– Liquid electrolyte disorders,
– All kinds of; poisoning,
– After major and lengthy surgeries,
– Pregnancy poisoning,
– Tetanus

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