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Skin Dermatology
In our Dermatology department; leather, hair and venereal diseases, examination, follow-up and treatments are carried out using modern technological methods. In parallel with the changing environmental conditions
Most important dermatological problems are treated by specialists
if it is not done, it will be worse in terms of both health and physical and visual aspects. can create results. Dermatological and
In cosmetic matters, treatment methods that are not based on scientific grounds should be avoided, it is definitely the subject of the
experts should be consulted. Our departments' expertise in subjects such as fungus, acne treatment and follow-up, allergic eczema, mole follow-up, which are among the most important diseases after skin cancers
are fields. Our Dermatology department focuses on the early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. they achieve successful results.

Some of the diseases we follow in our hospital are:

  • Psöriasis (Psoriasis),
  • Vitiligo (Ala Disease),
  • Mushrooms,
  • Eczema,
  • Hair Skin Diseases,
  • Restoration Diseases,
  • Diseases with Itching,
  • Nail Diseases,
  • Acne,
  • &Cedil;Childhood Skin Diseases,
  • Pregnancy Itch and Skin Disorders,
  • Hairing, Skin Cancer and Moles, Pigmentation
  • (Disorders with Color Changes)
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