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Internal Medicine

Consistent; diseases (Internal Medicine) section, the first application and part of all complaints of the adult patient group. However, for individuals who have crossed the childhood network, makes examinations about organ systems.
It provides diagnosis and treatment services related to the dysfunctions of the organs of this system. In addition to this, it is about the precautions that should be taken in order to protect each individual to whom he/she provides health services against diseases. it directs and directs consciousness. Internal diseases (internal medicine) department, diabetes, liver diseases, kidney diseases, blood diseases, digestive system (stomach and intestines) diseases, infectious diseases, respiratory system diseases, hormonal diseases and obesity that you should apply for problems such as is a section. In parallel with scientific and technological developments, İç diseases (Internal Medicine) section Although it is divided into many sub-branches in itself, distinguishing which of the patient's complaints is related to these parts, in order to evaluate the patient as a whole and to make a diagnosis, the patient's complaints should be considered primarily for the general purpose. The cheat must be seen by an expert.

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