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About İstanbul and Turkey

Health tourism  aims to provide medical options to ensure the comfort of patients and their families. In parallel with the high level of education and welfare in developed countries, the provision of health services is also costly. In developed countries, the health needs of the aging population and the share of health expenditures are increasing day by day. Increasing expenses of social security costs are pushing social security institutions. In order to overcome these problems, social security institutions and private insurance institutions in developed countries are trying to get health services at low cost by making package agreements with countries that provide quality medical services and are located nearby.

In recent years, tourists come from all over the world for treatment, as Turkey offers health services at a level that can compete with the qualified health services in developed countries. Especially after the 1990s, in addition to public health services, it was seen that the private sector also made serious investments in health services.

As a result of these developments, private health institutions have started to increase, especially in big cities, at a level that can compete with European standards. The opening of these health facilities, which have high costs in terms of construction and operation, to foreign markets is becoming increasingly necessary in order to reduce these costs. In addition, its geographical location and trained and educated manpower in the health sector are among the important advantages of Turkey in health tourism. In addition to the patients who come for medical purposes, health tourism offers healing thanks to the natural riches in our country, with its hot springs and thermal waters.


As Istanbulite, we are eager to share our cultural and geographical richness with our guests. Before your journey to your home we would like you to enjoy your time in our beautiful city and country.